The Blue Train ~ (Moscow Subway)

It’s not the first time I’ve been down this line
I’ve done some traveling with this heart of mine
Seems to be a longer ride each time
On the blue train                                        ~John Coltrane

I feel you, Mr. Coltrane.

Moscow Underground  Watermarked (673x1024)

~Moscow Underground

A Slice of Life


I thought you might enjoy this slice of life (created from one of my travel photographs). I love the wear and tear of the chairs. They remind me that, day after day, friends and loved ones sit in this café, in these chairs,  chatting and sharing their lives together ~stories, moments, experiences. Maybe friends or lovers are sitting in these chairs right now. Drinking coffee, warming up, and sharing time together. Connecting. This makes me feel happy, and I hope it makes you feel happy, too. Here’s to a beautiful, peaceful day…

Montreal Cafe Encaustic

Montreal Cafe – Encaustic

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